Please note most these films & other Items of Interest, can mostly be found on U Tube and on the web in general. This page just saves you looking for them. And I have been informed its quite legal. Come to the Computer classes at the Welfare Drop in Center and learn how to use your computer Every Wednesday Morning at 10:30 or try one of ours ( These are available for you to use at anytime the Welfare center is open )
  to see if you are interested in having a try before buying a laptop yourself. But they are free for you use at any time.

There are lots of interesting items on u tube, just write U tube on your search engine and on the u tube page print what you are interested in for example  Tropical fish  or  recipes or  what ever else,even names of a film star, singer, comedian , or what ever subject
Also when you click on to a  video  it does not fill the full screen but in the right hand bottom corner of the screen there is a little square click on it and the screen will come to the full size of your screen, some of our members did not know you could resize it.
Thank you for your emails.
This is your website and I am only to happy to place items that you want if I can find them that is.  Comedy items and old tv programmes were that latest members have asked for
The only observation I have had that some of the films were slow in downloading I'm afraid there's nothing I can do about that, the main problem is, if you are on dial up which is very slow , also some of the cheaper company's do not have a fast down load speed as yet but they are improving slowly
By the way our RAFA BRANCH WELFARE DROP IN CENTRE is now fully open     It is the first Welfare Centre to be opened by any branch,
Information with the location and a map and  its on the Indigo bus route, where you can use your bus passes if you have no transport all these details can be found on the Welfare Page
Norman Scotting Webmaster       E Mail   or you can phone me on 01159469522,  leave a message if I'm not in.