HIGHLIGHTS - A DELEGATES VIEW
Whilst the conference was primarily entrenched with this and that report, Costa Blanca Branch (CB) contributed to and achieved the following,-
I)Area Council acceded to Costa Blanca’s submissions regarding the treatment of motions in as far as that, hitherto they had not been included in Draft Agendas asstipulated in Area Regulations.  The justification for this omission was that they were “alluded to”! in Area Bulletins.  Council agreed that henceforth they would  be included in “Draft Agendas” thus CLEARLY
advising Branches and Delegates, that resolutions were
invited for submission.
II)Area Council have agreed, albeit conditionally, to henceforth provide branches with, a diluted version to that requested by Costa Blanca, of an analysis of  the costs of all E.A. Conferences. The report will contain summary information with regard to the following costs; - Admin expenses, Council members, Delegates, Guest Speakers costs.  That information will go some way towards providing a basis for cost evaluation and comparative alternatives when looking at “value for money” of such conferences. In view of escalating costs, this has the great support of the majority of non council branch delegates, and is in line with our e-mail circulated discussion document of last year.
III)For this conference, despite strong protests, Costa Blanca was denied the opportunity to submit Overseas Branch Insurance for discussion under A.O.B. 
However, Dr Bryan Pattison, Vice Chair of Central
Council, very kindly and knowingly invited questions following his presentation on that matter. It was clear that little progress had been made towards resolving this issue since the mandate was ruled on in May by the President of National Conference, Air Marshal  Sir Peter Sturley. Costa Blanca expressed their
disappointment at the lack of progress and emphasized that the issue should now be treated as a matter ofgrave expediency. CB also asked that the three branches historically involved in this matter, CB,  Republic of Ireland, and Benalmadena,  who were also willing to give any assistance in any action needed to bring the issue to fruition, should be given oversight of any progress, on a regular basis, and not just from conference to conference.
IV)The E.A. conferences, with the notable exception of the 2009 Bruggen conference, have been historically, an administrative and informative organ. Thus, CB voiced their wishes to encourage the opportunity for deeper participation by Delegates. Whilst resolutions, due to time restrictions, fulfilled a limited role in that respect, there needs to be more tolerance in what should be
accepted as A.O.B., but more importantly, there should be additional plenary forums for full interaction in the EXCHANGE of delegate views to give a broader feel for issues of importance and consensus analysis. This point and the matters foregoing, were strongly endorsed by the President of the E.A., Air Marshal Sir Christopher Coville in his summing up address. He recognized the limitations of the current conference format, and saw the benefits of such extended activity.
V)With regard to the Welfare Session, no doubt those better placed than I, will give their participatory views. In summary, the sessions had very little new to add to the wealth of knowledge and skills that our branch welfare officers already demonstrate. There was the opportunity for discussion and the exchange of views to which CB largely contributed, but overall, the prevailing view was that such gatherings would be adequately served through bi-annual events.
VI)In closing, a more in depth and detailed report from Area Council  viewpoint, will be ;- placed on our web-site at RAFACOSTABLANCA.

Ken Booth, Branch Delegate.